Always different!

Vision is what drives a company towards the future! Value maintain the morality and transparency at the highest levels. In transport everything is time dependent. We think fast - we act promptly. There is no place for mistakes. There is no room for stagnation.

Kefren Expres imposes high targets. We are always preoccupied about doing things different, making things better for all those involved in the process of transport. Progress in technology and in management improves the loading time, the speed of delivery, the quality of services, the operational costs. Transport is essential in
the logistics development. Only a good coordination between every part involved in the ecosystem of the transport of good will bring advantages for the entire economy.

Together we are better.
We opted at the end of 2012 for an innovative strategy, by choosing new opportunities through the development of IT solutions for internal work processes and overall strategy. All this by launching a new top of the line application. The world is changing at a fast pace. This is why we need to change with it. We count over 300 successful partnerships involved in the IT app that was built to respond to all real-time track & trace demands, an interface that can be accessed online at

So, we are launching an open invitation for a long term partnership with the KEFREN EXPRES team by simply submitting your details on an online form available at

It is said that when you innovate you have to prepare yourself to be called crazy, but only by doing bold changes things can truly be changed for the better.

Express transport services: A facilitator in the operational success of companies

The companies that are engaged in express transport offer fast and secure services and due to the fact that the shipment is tracked and controlled throughout the journey we could state that these are cargo services at a business class range. Surely the importance of these services will continue to grow in order to ensure the competitive advantage of companies. These type of services will presumably become more important in the future, as the global economy will become more and more integrated as these have an active role in all operational directions of companies, including sales, logistics and storage, production and assistance functions for the clients.

Surely the managers of various companies know that the road from comparative advantages to competitive advantages is often slow and difficult. The comparative advantage are become more fragile, hard to earn and easy to loose, especially in the case of small companies that do not have a large economic pole, neither the reputation, nor the technological advantage, the innovative advantage or the communication or marketing budgets. The express transport services allow companies to maximise the efficiency of their own operations by reducing the stops in the production process and by allowing the implementation of the best practices as the build-to-order. Two thirds of the logistics cost are transport costs. This affects the results of logistics activities and of course influence the production and sale processes. The areas of activities in which the express transport is extremely dependent for the economic success are the sectors based on knowledge, as are the pharmaceutical/ bio-technology products, the financial services and business ones, as are the research and development ones. These sectors are more dependent than others of express transport services as it is imperative that these respect the timeframe given to their own clients.

The role that transport plays in the logistics system of more complex than the simple shipment of goods. The complexity of this can't produce the desired effect with a quality management consolidated by well operated transport operations through which the shipment can be send at the right place, at the right time in order to satisfy the request of the clients. This feature provides efficiency and also builds a bridge of connection between the manufacturers and the consumers. Taking this into account, express transport is the efficiency block of the business logistics operations. Moreover through the transport services that ensure logistics activities benefits are brought not only in the quality of services provides, but represent an assets in the competition between companies.

In this manner the express transport industry not only had a significant contribution in the past, but we also expect the same thing in the future, although there is still a dependency of the economic climate and the law.

Express Transport service - essential in the supplying chain

Time critical transport was, until a few years ago, considered as a service reserved only for urgent deliveries, when something didn't go according to the initial planning in the supply chain. But today the game changed. Companies, no matter their size, frequently rely on time critical transport services on a regular basis for a large variety of reasons and a large range of products.

While some companies still use frequently the time critical transport as a safe board when an unplanned event threatens their capacity to respect a delivery term, others choose this type of time critical transport as a regular approach in their strategy of handling transport issues. This specific service guarantees to shippers the speed of delivery they need to respect the terms given to their customers, while ensuring the safety and security of the shipment, for a high level of professionalism.

SC KEFREN EXPRES SRL is a trustworthy partner for your business and an informed choice regarding the transport services can bring multiple benefits to your company. KEFREN EXPRES offers since 2011 a large scale of services that are offered promptly and adapted to the needs of the clients, from identifying the best structure of transport according to necessities - reduced transit time or optimised costs, efficient communication and prompt reply to any demand 24hours/7days. We always adapt to the fluctuations in the economic environment that is constantly changing and we continuously try to perfect our logistics objectives with the help of the latest technology. Our operational efficiency ensures an increased productivity, frequent departures, fast transits, safety and control over all the transport operations.

Maybe the most important thing besides the quality of a product is how it reaches destination.

The exploited fleet of KEFREN EXPRES is composed by around 300 vehicles and it is operated in national territory, but also in the international one, the lis of vehicles is constantly shown in the page All vehicles equipped with ADR are monitored by GPS so that we can respect the need for information of our customers, companies that we always treat with respect and professionalism, no matter their size.